choice, action and being

“The way you conduct yourself everyday in the ever changing world is the ultimate training”
~ Gozo Shioda

note – this post was written on june 3 2013.

the simplest of thoughts crossed my mind this morning. why wait to change? last friday, the question was put to a group of coworkers struggling with large scale organizational change. three questions were put to them. when will you leave the old ways behind; what stands in your way; why not now?

it has been nine and a half years since i started in govt, and I’ve constantly fought the feeling that the fit is less than ideal. busy overworked days have been interspersed with not so busy, relatively boring and non-productive days. productive being the act of producing, being “busy”, busy being the only indicator of value.

when not busy, I’ve repeatedly challenged myself, feeling like the moments of non-busy are examples of what should be avoided, in exchange for the breathless pace of doing, doing, doing.

busy and rushing are cousins, playing off each other, looking for any excuse to irritate and egg each other on. boredom and silence are not to be tolerated. they are to be filled with the busy mind of doing, doing, lots to do.

how does someone feel when we meet them and our mind is in the process of doing, doing, doing, and not being present, fully present, with nowhere to go, nothing to do for the few seconds that we are here.

our to do list will always be there, always filled with items to attend to, always someone not pleased by our inaction.

our society dislikes inaction. it resents silence and flow. it values the 20 second soundbite or the 15 minutes (or is it now 15 seconds) of fame. empty are the moments when breath and light are all that are experienced – silence in its purest form.

one can be busy creating
or busy doing

both are not the same.

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.”
~ Thoreau

i doubt the greatest minds and thinkers were busy just doing – they were busy creating. in creation, they were not looking for perfection, but rather experience, fully felt and lived experiences. experience not delivered by the external, but rather experience arising from the full integration of their body, their mind and their spirit. in the absence of such integration, such harmony, actions and thoughts become hollow, responding to artificial external signals and pressures. in harmony, actions and thoughts arise from the silence that is our pure existence, an existence which is infinitesimal in the timeline of history, but an existence that can alter worlds if lived from truth and light.

on this, the third day of june, 2013. 17,381 days since birth. 1,501,718,400 seconds. 25,028,640 minutes. 417,144 hours. 2483 weeks. on this day, like any day, any moment, choice is mine. choice has always been available. choice has not been taken. busy, doing, busy, doing, has been a choice.

but if your life could be only one outcome, what would it be? if your life could be quality rather than quantity, if your life could be flow rather than to-do’s, if your life could be silence and light – rather than mud and trudge?

if one lived everyday fully aware that the next hours, minutes and seconds would be our last in this form, i believe many would not spend them doing, rushing, doing, rushing, but rather, they would be spent being, creating, being, creating.

choose wisely.
choose your words.
choose your actions.
choose your intent.
choose your aversions and adversions.
choose your opinions.
choose your responses.
choose your questions.
choose where your ki is sent.

choose. and accept, trust, your choice.

your life is but the result of your choices. large and small.
your choices are but the result of where you direct your life energy, intensity or colour.
your life energy is but the result of your awareness and harmony of mind, body and spirit.
your harmony of mind, body and spirit is the product of pure being and silence.

the quality of your choices are the product of how close you are to pure being and silence.

choose to…
– love each moment, for the “way” is love.
– help others, for it is the only “job” that counts.
– learn and share, for it is the only currency worth trading.
– be centred, balanced, integral, for it is the only state worthy of breath.
– be patient and accepting, for our life purpose is not beyond the present moment.
– trust your choices that arise from pure being and silence.

“When one bases one’s life on principle, 99 percent of his decisions are already made.”
~ Unknown

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