my aikido library

an intellectual journey through a spiritual art

For the use of words, and thus of a book, is to point beyond themselves to a world of life and experience that is not mere words or even ideas.

Alan Watts

After several years of training, I’ve built up a substantive library of Aikido and Aikido-relevant books.  The following list is provided for reference. I will also be updating the list, as well as providing some thoughts with respect to what each book has to offer to enhance one’s practice both on and off the mat.

Zen and meditation in aikido

–    The zen way to the martial arts, Taisen Deshimaru

–    Aikido, living by design, Mitsugi, Saotome

–    It’s a lot like dancing, Dobson

–    Inner voyage of a stranger, Kenjiro Yoshigasaki

–    Meditation and the martial arts, Raposa

–    Zen training, Katsuki Sekida

–    Unfettered mind, Takuan Soho

Ki in aikido

–    Ki in daily life, Koichi Tohei

–    Book of ki : coordinating mind and body in daily life, Koichi Tohei

–    Ki, a road that anyone can walk, William Reed


–    Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere, Westbrook and Ratti

–    Mastery, George Leonard

Energy and Ki studies

–    Frequency, Penney Peirce

–    Ki in aikido, C.M. Shifflett

–    Being and Vibration, Joseph Rael

–    Energy medicine, Donna Eden

–    ki breathing, Koichi Tohei

–    The tapping solution, Nick Ortner

Spirituality applicable to aikido

–   Reflections on Silver River, Ken McLeod

–    Journey to Center, Thomas F. Crum

–    The silent pulse, George Leonard

–    Dance with heaven and earth, Anna Sander

–    Blowing Zen, Brooks

–    The ever transcending spirit, Toru Sato

–    Enlightenment through aikido, Kanshu Sunadomari

–    In the realm of the spirit, Richard Moon

–    The Experience of Aikido, By Ralph Pettman

–    Life in Three Easy Lessons, Aikido, Harmony and the Business of Living, Richard Moon

Aikido applied to life off the mat

–    The practice of freedom, Wendy Palmer

–    The gift of danger, Stein

–    The way of aikido, George Leonard

–    Aikido in daily life, Dobson and Miller

–    How Aikido can change the world, Michael Aloia

–    Calm success, Gary Weigh

Philosophy & Aikido

–    The heart of aikido, Ueshiba

–    Feel the fear and do it, Susan Jeffers

–    A book of five rings , Musashi

–    The intuitive body, Wendy Palmer

–    Hara – the vital center of man, Durckheim

–    Center – the power of aikido, Meyer and Reeder

–    Holding the center, Richard Strozzi-Heckler

–    Losing control finding serenity, Daniel Miller

–    Aikido and the harmony of nature, Mitsugi Saotome

–    Thinking fast and slow, Daniel Kahneman

–    All else is bondage, Wei Wu Wei

–    Sound bites from silence, Robert Rabbin

–    Detachment from attachment, Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji

–    The art of aikido, Kisshomaru Ueshiba

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