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Letting go is not a technique, it is a result of a shift in attention

~ wendy palmer

As Sensei always reminds me, “detach from all”, and the principles will come to me. Letting go of habits and ingrained reactions is not trivial – and I’ve recently started to become aware that seeing it as a technique to be learned may be the root of my difficulty with the fifth principle. What if it was never a technique in the first place, but rather a mindset – a way to see the world and the moment.

As buddhist literature and masters the world over have taught for a long time, non-attachment

is necessary for enlightenment. But as I’ve come to appreciate, there is a difference between an instruction as “prescription” versus “description”. In the former, it is a technique – in the later, it is the consequence of practice and being a specific way.

Letting go, detaching from all and being unattached are descriptions of a way of being – a way of being in attention – not a prescription to be followed.

Bring a quality to your attention, and letting go will manifest. Apply “technique mind” to letting go, and you will be attached the idea of non-attachment…an ironic, vicious circle if there ever was one.